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I used to love that I could make online payments to many of my local utilities through Paypal. This is how I get paid online, so it was rather simple to make a payment with the same service. Sadly, Paypal stopped offering this service a few years ago, and those that used it were out of luck. That doesn’t mean you can’t make payments online however, you just have to look in a different place. These can be fast, easy, and very safe for the average person to use.

Making payment online saves a stamp and it can be easy once you get the hang of it. Many local bank now offer this service. That is not to say that you will abandon your personal bank checks any time soon. They too have a time and a place in the overall picture of paying bills.

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Demystifying Online Payments

The best suggestion for making online payments is to see what your bank offers on their web site. Some of them have payment options to pay your mortgage or personal loan to them directly through the site, and some of them offer these same services to other businesses that you may use.

You may be able to pay your gas, electric, and even your cable and phone bills through this type of web site. The best thing about using your bank’s site is that you already know that your online payments are rather secure because they have some of the best security there is online.

There are some other online payments you could make, but you do want to be very careful about where you go and who you trust with your information. You should never go through a company that sends you spam email telling you that they do online payments. They may look legit, and they may even have a name that sounds familiar, but they are not. If they advertise though spam emails, the chances of them being a legitimate business are very low. They want your credit card number or your bank account information, but they aren’t going to help you pay any of your bills.

Online Bank Accounts

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Beware of the Online Payment Scammers
When you find a web site for online payments, do some checking up on them. Do some searches on Google or other search engine to see if there have been any complaints. Don’t do a quick search either, do a thorough one. Some that are no good have content jamming up the top of the search rankings to hide the negative postings and articles. Go back through quite a few pages before you believe what you read. Also remember that any online payments should go through a secure server. If they don’t have one, move on to someone else. It is not worth the risk.

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