Side Tear Bank Checks .. Easy & Convenient!

Side tear checks are easy to use which is why their popularity is continuing to grow. They're also easy to order, whether for personal or business use. One of the better things about our modern age is that it's easy to order cheap side tear personal checks online. No more waiting around for your checks order to be processed by the bank. Just provide our checks vendor with your personal info on a secure and brief online form, chose or create your own design, and send it via your computer electronically. When you need to reorder come back to this page.

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Why is a side tear bank check so popular?

Side tear bank checks are popular simply because they are easy to tear out of the checkbook. Much more easily than the top tear version does. Having the perforation located on the side instead of on top makes it easier to fold back the check and make a perfect tear out every time.

Side tear styles of bank checks

Designs galore in a huge variety of categories are available in a side tear style! You'll not be without the chance to display your favorite cartoon character or baseball team when you order. Given the largest range of choices, there are literally hundreds of different designs available for you to choose from. In fact, many designs run in a "series" so you can get 4 different designs of the same personal check theme all in one box.

How many personal bank checks should you order?

When you place an order for personal or business checks online typically you have to order them in batches of 250 or more. 250 checks may sound like too much but in due time you'll be using them up and not have to worry about running out.

In the grand scheme of things you'll need to determine how many checks you really need. If you are an active business, 250 checks might only last a few months. On the other hand, if you write few checks, they might last a lifetime. It really depends on your personal finances but it's best to have a good supply on hand at all times.

Order your checks today and take advantage of the huge savings offered online. You'll be glad you did!